3D Printing

We 3D print your idea for you!

You did the hard job to design your idea and you would like to see it in real, in your hands? We can quickly deliver this to you! We will choose the right settings to 3D print your object, finding out how to obtain the best quality and speed. In case it is needed we can help to adjust the design for you to take advantage of the technology. Come to our office in East London to see how we work and the 3D printer in action. You can watch your object taking shape! Collect your 3D printed idea, otherwise we will quickly ship it to you wherever you are. We print with top quality materials in PLA plastic, in a wide selection of colours. If you want to make it shiny we will print with special materials such as Bronzefill and Copperfill. If you want to go “greenish” choose woodfill or if you want to impress your friends at the next party the “glow in the dark” material is the right choice for you.

To make it real and see what we can offer, check our 3DHubs page:

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