3D modeling

Your idea into a 3D digital file!

You have this amazing idea, but you don’t have a clue about techy stuff and 3D graphic software? We are here to help!
Send us sketches, 2D drawings, pictures, dimensions and explain to us how you want your product to look like. Philip, our 5+ years experienced industrial designer, will convert it into a digital file using advanced 3D graphic software. He designs with3D printing in mind and you will have your object ready to be made.
If you are coming from other creative fields, Philip will adjust tolerance and details of your file to 3D printing technology. He will suggest which 3D printer is better for your purpose.
We can use our in-house 3D printing technology or help to find you one. Prototypes included!

Send us an e-mail at create@goosebumpslab.com with a brief description of your idea, we will be in contact!